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Michaelmas call for submissions!

Michalemas Call for submissions

Demeter, goddess of the grain, agriculture, harvest, growth, and nourishment, is our proud choice for this term’s theme.

Not sure what it means? Think arriving in Cambridge, think autumn, think transition, think environment, think change, think current events. Basically, think what Demeter could mean to you (and not just agriculturally speaking, though we’d love it too). We, the editorial team are eager to leave room for personal interpretation: whether long or short, literary or journalistic, images or texts, in English or in your native language, feel free to submit anything!

Please send all submissions via email at by November 9th. For further information, please contact us, we are very responsive!

NB: If you are writing in your native language, please make sure you provide us with a short summary of your text in English, translations are welcome as well.

~ Nicole


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