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The 2019 Editorial Team!

The 2019 Editorial Team!

Alex Eldredge, editor, is a British-American MPhil student in Comparative Literature. Talk to her about Latin America, skincare, psychotherapy, travel.

Beatriz Valero De Urquia, editor, is a Spanish MPhil student in Comparative Literature. She is interested in Creative Writing, manuscript reading, travelling and feminism.

Carmen Hatchell Morales, editor and treasurer, is a Spanish-American ELAC MPhil student who loves Camus and Sartre’s polemic writings, truffle oil, and watching Snapchat’s DailyMail story (which she does religiously and would deny doing so even on her deathbed).

Christina Makri, editor, is a Greek MPhil student of Neuroscience. She decided on a degree after binge-watching Criminal Minds and listening to a few too many crime podcasts. Talk to her about art, music, mythology, (Japanese & Korean) literature and ghosts.

Irene Velicer, digital editor, is an American MPhil student in Medieval History. She is into xc skiing, medieval jurisprudence, persimmons, and pies. She has, however, never had a persimmon pie.



[Group photo by Carmen Hatchell]

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