The Cavendish Chronicle

Termly print magazine from Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Student-run, read, & written.

Editor’s Note for the Winter Issue

Can you see the changes?

It seems as if time moves in a fluctuating pace and the only way to make sense of its capricious steps is by recording it. Through paintings, pictures or texts, we keep track of both the warm breeze and the howling winds of change and assign them meaning. Perhaps, our persistent desire to keep memories alive is the sole constant around which the world rotates.

Dear reader, 

We are proud to present 2020’s first edition of the Cavendish Chronicle! As you flip through the carefully curated pages, you’ll discover a collection of evocative poems, thought-provoking short stories, interviews and art, all submitted by our talented college members and alumni. Our team diligently worked to hand-pick and edit the magazine’s content and we only hope you can relate to, and find comfort in, the pieces we’ve chosen to publish. Thank you for your active engagement and for your support in our attempt to document a sliver of time. 

We look forward to hearing even more from you in the future and hope that you join us on our ever-changing  journey with the Cavendish Chronicle. 


                                    Your Editorial Team

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