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Dear reader, Pre-pandemic life might seem a distant memory. In the time warp of quarantine, the hours and days bleed into one another but, in spite of the chaos outside, our creativity continues – the life of the mind is not on hold. In times of trouble, we take refuge in memory and so we invite you to do just that through our latest edition of The Cavendish Chronicle with the theme of “Memory”. We have revisited the past and memorialised the present through various creative outlets: photography, poetry, prose. Your Editorial Team xx

Runner-Up: Short Story Competition

Weight: the force exerted on body by gravity by Kristina Harris One day, in 1770, Richard Salters decided to fuck with the minds of women for centuries to come. Our dear friend Mr. Salters invented the scale and, although he did not mean it, he unleashed a whole new hellish Circle of Dante’s Inferno for women’s self-esteem.  One day, I woke up and weighed 160 lbs. The only time I ever got on the scale was at the doctor’s office. But given that my pediatrician abandoned me at 18, when I needed him most, I hadn’t gotten on a scale ….