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Category: Editor’s Note

Greetings from the 2019 Editorial Team!

Beatriz Valero De Urquia, editor, is a Spanish MPhil student in Comparative Literature. She is interested in Creative Writing, manuscript reading, travelling and feminism. (top-left) Carmen Hatchell Morales, editor and treasurer, is a Spanish-American ELAC MPhil student who loves Camus and Sartre’s polemic writings, truffle oil, and watching Snapchat’s DailyMail story (which she does religiously and would deny doing so even on her deathbed). (top-right) Alex Eldredge, editor, is a British-American MPhil student in Comparative Literature. Talk to her about Latin America, skincare, psychotherapy, travel. (bottom-left) Irene Velicer, digital editor, is an American MPhil student in Medieval History. She is into ….

Fresh beginnings

Hi everyone! I’m Nicole and I’m the new digital editor of the Cavendish Chronicle. I’ll be the one responsible for this website from now on! As the new academic year starts, I’d like to welcome everyone who’s interested in the wonderful platform that is the Chronicle. We’re currently putting together the team that will strive to keep up the incredible work our predecessors have done. If you’re interested in being a part of it, whether as an editor or writer, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be delighted to hear from you! That’s it from me for now, I hope ….

Living in Lent.

It’s the first day of Lent! After a cold and dark winter, the Cavendish Chronicle is BACK: with more ideas, more amazing content, and more excitement than before! I am STILL here, and still your digital editor [apparently she never leaves, and we are beginning to suspect she never ever will… ed.] The editorial team have had our first meeting of the term, and we have a lot in store for you between now and Easter. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for us, as we will be running some sneaky competitions over the next few weeks. We are also excited ….

Baby, it’s cold outside…

The Cambridge winter is approaching, dusk now draws in at approximately 2.35pm, and napping in the library has been de rigueur for weeks. Even the Tories are still, somehow, hanging on in there: grimly, like icicles on razor wire. And yet, out there in the gathering dark, small sparks appear to light our weary way towards the festive season. Hollywood misogynists dropping like needles from a Christmas tree! A resounding “yes” for Australia’s marriage-equality plebiscite! And, right here inside our own cosy, familiar walls, a small Michaelmas miracle: the Cavendish Chronicle’s all-new website, featuring unique digital content and companion pieces ….

Getting out of bed: This Editor’s Struggle.

Today’s the day! The sun is (almost) shining, the tank is clean… and we are LIVE! Our Michaelmas print edition is finding it’s way to your pidge today! I’m Laura Carman, the newly appointed Digital Editor and I have a lot of strong feelings about mornings. I’m not sure whether ‘Week 5 Blues’ stems from stress that has been slowly bubbling away before erupting into those particular 7 days, or the placebo affect of having been warned time and time again of said stress… Either way, I am raising my hand amongst the crowd of exhausted Lucians, sitting on the ….