The Cavendish Chronicle

Termly print magazine from Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Student-run, read, & written.

Author: Irene Velicer

Winner: Short Story Competition

Silence Preserved by Megan Lloyd Lily gazed through the bars at her great-great-aunt’s withered fingers, which were laying out digestive biscuits on a cracked plastic tray. ‘Eat’, came the croaking voice, and her aunt gingerly placed the tray into the rotating wooden cubby hole, which with the turn of a handle would allow Lily to reach in and lift one of the stale snacks to her lips. She chewed slowly as she gazed at the high ceiling, eyes roaming across the visiting room. A tarnished gold crucifix looked back at her, an eternal witness in this place. Tall pillars guarded ….

Runner-Up: Short Story Competition

Weight: the force exerted on body by gravity by Kristina Harris One day, in 1770, Richard Salters decided to fuck with the minds of women for centuries to come. Our dear friend Mr. Salters invented the scale and, although he did not mean it, he unleashed a whole new hellish Circle of Dante’s Inferno for women’s self-esteem.  One day, I woke up and weighed 160 lbs. The only time I ever got on the scale was at the doctor’s office. But given that my pediatrician abandoned me at 18, when I needed him most, I hadn’t gotten on a scale ….

Editor’s Note for the Winter Issue

Can you see the changes? It seems as if time moves in a fluctuating pace and the only way to make sense of its capricious steps is by recording it. Through paintings, pictures or texts, we keep track of both the warm breeze and the howling winds of change and assign them meaning. Perhaps, our persistent desire to keep memories alive is the sole constant around which the world rotates. Dear reader,  We are proud to present 2020’s first edition of the Cavendish Chronicle! As you flip through the carefully curated pages, you’ll discover a collection of evocative poems, thought-provoking ….

New Year’s Short Story Competition!

Thank you for this issue’s submissions! We will be reviewing them over the coming days. In the meantime, we will also be running this cycle’s short story competition with a £15 Waterstones giftcard prize! Submissions due by midnight, JANUARY 10th. Also, don’t forget to send in your submissions for the cover competition by midnight TONIGHT.